History of the City of Dunedin

Tour curated by: The Tampa Historical Team, especially Curtis Croson

Starting out as small settlement in the 1850's, the city of Dunedin has grown to become an important part of Florida. Though famous for its history (citrus, alligator tank production, MLB training camps, etc.) and now its breweries, Dunedin is also well known for its community.

Looking throughout the history of Dunedin, community has always been the focal point of the city. By taking this tour, you can see that its history is no different, putting community first.

With special thanks to the Dunedin History Museum and Vinnie Luisi for access to both information and photographs.

Locations for Tour

A non-profit organization focused on community and historical preservation, the Dunedin History Museum has become a major part of Dunedin. Known for its exhibits, holiday events, Orange Festivals, “History Comes Alive” experiences, cocktail…

With Dunedin becoming the epicenter of craft beer in Florida, you do not have to look far to find a small, local brewery. Seeing the Woodwright Brewing Company (est. 2016) on Douglas Street, you might just write off the location as just another…

In regards to Tampa as a whole, Dunedin is a small city. Though small, Dunedin has a rich history, especially when it comes to its community and its buildings. This history is not only celebrated by Dunedin’s local community, but also on a national…