'Fernando's Footsteps': La Gallega Boarding House

'La Gallega' is Fernando's new home in Ybor City where he feels completely at home and meets many great friends.Click here to see the two story red brick boarding house which now sits on the corner of 13th St. and Columbus Dr.

The two Spaniards left the bakery and continued walking north on 19th St.

The two men had continued walking. At 14th Ave, Ignacio stopped. On the northwest corner of the intersection, there was a rather attractive three-story structure. Each level featured a large porch. Surrounding the building was a well-maintained garden, surrounded by a picket fence. Just beyond the entrance gate, there was a sign:

dueños: Aniceto Fernández y Maruxa Varela

The sign indicated a boarding house for gentlemen called "The Galician Woman", and the owners' names were proudly displayed.

"Gaitero, estamos en casa!"

Ignacio announced to Fernando that they were home.
(Tony Carreño, Chapter 11)


1822 14th Ave. E. Ybor City, FL ~ Northwest Corner of 14th Ave. and 19th St.