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One of the most popular drinks in Ybor City, café con leche has been a part of the city's history almost as long as Ybor has been around. The drink originated in Spain, though the exact details surrounding its creation remain unknown. After…

Whether you know it as devil crab or deviled crab, these spicy croquettes are a dish unique to Ybor much like the Cuban sandwich and is closely tied to the cigar factories and immigration. While many point to the cigar factory strike of 1920 as…

Arroz con pollo has a long history dating back to the 700s when the Moors invaded Spain. One of the dishes the Moors brought over, arroz con pollo became a hit in Spain where it was adopted as a Spanish dish. Similar to paella, arroz con pollo…

Fernando and Ignacio continued walking eastward along 7th Ave. "Zapato, parece que esta avenida es la calle principal del barrio, verdad?" Gaitero had asked if they were on the primary street of the neighborhood. "Sí, y…

The men had walked one block north. At the corner of 7th Ave. and 16th St., Ignacio signaled them to stop. In front of them was a large wooden building. Zapato grabbed Gaitero's arm and pointed to it. "Amigo, esto será tu segunda…

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